Sergio André Rocha distinguishes itself by providing personalized tax consulting services delivered within reasonable deadlines negotiated with clients.

The core concept of our firm is that it is possible to reconcile quality and time, seeking to respond to demands on complex tax issues in reasonable timeframes, which meet the always dynamic needs of business life. All the firm’s work is carried out directly by Professor Sergio André Rocha.

Our tax consulting activities involve mainly the preparation of opinions on tax issues and estimating the risks of transactions already implemented or being carried out. These works are distinguished from legal opinions, whose purpose is usually to be presented in proceedings (administrative, arbitral, or judicial).

Our contracting models are flexible and adapt to the client's needs in each case. Usually, our opinions are charged in fixed amounts. However, it is possible to use other models and even contracts based on hours incurred when these are more appropriate depending on the scope of work.

We operate in the most diverse fields of tax consulting, highlighting the following:

01. Corporate reorganizations and strategic tax planning

02. Interpretation of federal, state, municipal, or district tax legislation to estimate the risk of positions adopted by the taxpayer

03. International operations – outbound and inbound investments

04. Direct taxation, focusing mainly on corporate taxation

05. Indirect taxation and tax reform

06. Review of tax litigation, analyzing the merits of outstanding tax cases